Kitty Litterture Cat Site

I've been a "cat person" since I was a child. Not only did I love the lil tabbies but I was enthralled with the big cats as well. "Born Free" was one of my favorite movies. I remember walking home from school singing the theme song (along with my other sidewalk lounge standard of "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head"). I was also into Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys at the time so of course, my passions for big cats, mysteries, drawing and writing all came together for my first novelette, "Harriet and Rufus."

As I grew older, my love of cats remained strong. I eventually moved out of my parents' house and got my own place...and a cat. Styra-short for Styrafoam with an "A". What? I don't remember, so don't ask! I've always believed any animal should have one of their own kind to pal around with so Isme soon joined the family. I do remember where her name came from, "The Zoo Family," an Australian tv show about a family that were zoo veterinarians. Oh the hindsight of that one!

When I was 24 I got married. We didn't want children so naturally, the alternative was to adopt a cat together. This turned into much more as the years went by (see the "about" page) . It also became a rich resource of writing material for me, poems, prose, short stories and eventually a humorous book about cats, "Kitty Litterture" hence the name of the web site.

I've divided my past writings into the CATagories above. Pick your nip of choice and enjoy!


A site for cats and the people who love them.