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About Me-A Tale of 2 Kitties (plus 12)

About me...ugh...I detest writing "about me" pages. Can I write about someone else instead? No? Man, you guys are a tough crowd! I guess since this site is about cats, I'll start there. My husband and I live with 14 cats (and 1 semi feral). So obviously we're a bit off-balance.

BTW, this is husband #2 (the first was a starter husband, now a wasband). His name is David and he's a noted expert in deception (Deception Management). He teaches the techniques they use on the hit show, "Lie to Me" to get to the truth of the matter. We met on in 2004. One of the things that attracted him to me was that I had so many cats (30 at the time). He felt that was a sign of a big, caring and giving heart. He didn't consider the possibility of imbalance until it was too late and the words "I do" legally bound him. Sucka! lol

He's been a good sport in all this though and has gone above and beyond for his adopted children. He's built them furniture and scratching posts and more. When we moved in 2006 (ever moved 30 cats across state? good times!) he even built them their own house that's heated in the winter. He takes care of first breakfast and helps me when we have to do the ritual ear mite exterminations and wormings. Like me, he's lost a lot of blood.

Notice how I've conveniently spun this around and haven't talked about myself yet? It's called misdirection. Live with the expert, learn the tricks.

Ok, ok, I don't wanna get booed off stage so...

As I've mentioned on other pages, I've been a cat person most of my life. I've had dogs too, along with guinea pigs, hamsters, turtles, a ferret, a hampshire hog (Jean Luc Pigard-a fun story for another time), frogs, fish (more fun stories!), iguanas, chameleons, hermit crabs. I'm just an all around animal lover...but the cats...they're the main attraction for me and always have been.

My love of cats escalated during my first marriage. I became involved in animal rights, became a vegetarian, got rid of my fur coats, the whole shebang. Instead of simply donating time or money to shelters, the wasband and I decided to take a more grass roots approach to helping animals. We started visiting the local shelters, freeing cats on death row. We visited one shelter so often, they started giving us reduced rates-no foolin'!

One of my favorite stories from those days involves a pregnant cat that was scheduled to be euthanized. If she had her babies prior to the scheduled day, she would get a reprive until the babies were weaned. If no one took her, or her babies, they would all be put down.

We put the shelter on notice. If no one adopted her, we would. No one did. The night we brought her home, she gave birth. It's almost as if she knew what was going on and planned it that way as it was the only way to save herself and her babies in one fail swoop.

That's how it all began...humane deeds that turned into a lifestyle of sorts. We took in unwanteds, strays and became a dumping ground for irresponsible people that didn't think we'd notice a new face in the crowd. Now, all these years later, it's still going on. While I am unable to adopt anymore currently (and have been able to fly under the idiot radar thus far), I still have a large family that I wouldn't trade for anything. We'll live out our years together...hopefully in a warmer, sunnier place than Illinois! Yes, even cats need to retire south! Fergus McLeod told me he thinks Costa Rica looks mighty swell.

Oh and, just for the record, all my cats have names and knicknames...that they know. There is no "here kitty, kitty" practiced in this house! Nope, we don't speak that lingo!

Aside from my job as professional cat herder and litterbox maintenance technician, I do have other interests and careers. I'm a professional photographer with an in-house chroma key studio. Deverie FX is my portrait business site. I also do a lot of macro photography. I luvs me some bugs n' spiders up close and personal! is my nature photography site (that also has lots of kitty pics on it). Alongside that, I do web design, web hosting and graphic design work.

In my free time, I enjoy doing laundry, dishes and more laundry. What can I say? There's nothing more fulfilling than handling stinky socks and pretending to fold fitted sheets-I'm sorry Martha Stewart, I CAN'T DO IT! I WON'T DO IT! AND YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!

Kitty Litterture Site Author, Deverie Rudd

Deverie aka Ms. Catatonic

Kitty Litterture Site Author, Deverie Rudd

My Future Self

Both Images shot at the Deverie FX Dream Factory Studio.


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